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Know Your Rights – Have Your Say!

Since May 2017 we have been conducting the 6-month training course “Dilgir” in the Talas region. In seven course modules young people aged 16 to 32 learn about the rights of children and youth, about youth policies and youth work. They also learn how to identify the needs of local youth and promote solutions by advocacy on municipal level. Participants also get an opportunity to realize their own social project ideas.


Our use of non-formal education methods and interactive formats gives participants the space to express their opinions, speak about their rights and share their experience with others. For young people this is a quite new experience which reveals diverse creative ideas and solutions.


Promoting interest of youth at the local level - a big push to young activists from the village!

We actively support our participants to establish a dialogue with their home municipalities and advocate their interests at local level. After analysing the challenges and needs of youth, the participants elaborate their own social and business project ideas and realize them with the support of their home municipalities.


After completing two rounds of the Dilgir training course, we can see already impacts for young people. New services for youth are opening and young people are involved in solving various problems of their communities.


One example is the project "Life without Barriers", which addresses the problem of accessibility to public buildings for people with disabilities. Being affected herself, our Dilgir graduate Cholponai showed several cases in Talas where there are no adequate opportunities to enter a public building with a wheelchair. Even if ramps existed, their construction did not meet the standard in 99% of the cases. Cholponai explained that accessibility to public buildings is a crucial precondition for active participation in public life and organized two public roundtables. As result of her initiative the law and standards for the construction of ramps were revised and the State Architecture Office of Talas Oblast agrees to monitor their compliance.


Another example comes from the village Ak Chi, where our participant Elizar initiated a close cooperation with his municipality. With the support of our team, Elizar organized a youth forum in his municipality. At the forum, the participants discussed the needs of local youth and elaborated a strategy for the development of youth. As a result of the forum, the municipality of Ak Chi provided a premises and financed the technical equipment for the opening of a youth center. Today the youth center of Ak Chi is open and offers first services like chess clubs and computer courses for the local youth. 


Coming from rural villages with only little access to information on youth policies, our alumni are now part of a youth activists’ network in Talas region.

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